Donations Welcome

Conservancy Costs

In addition to the many hours of voluntary (unpaid) work done by the committee members, Everton Conservancy employs two men, three days per week to look after our trails and parks – Michael and Thobani. Their main function is to remove alien vegetation, keep the trails open and mow the park for the benefit of walkers. The men also pick up rubbish on our roadsides. Every week at least two bags full of rubbish are picked up from Acutts Drive. Their regular presence on the trails also helps with security of the area.

The wages, fuel and equipment costs the Conservancy in excess of R5000 per month and we rely entirely on donations to cover these costs.

Update June 2020: Due to the lockdown we were unable to hold our annual Garden Party fundraiser in May this year. This is our main event and due to restrictions on public gatherings our other smaller events are also on hold. So we are totally reliant on direct contributions where possible. Thank you!

Ways to Contribute to the Conservancy

1. Direct Bank Deposit

Please contact us for our banking details as we have been advised not to publish these on our website. Once off donations are most welcome.

We do not have a debit order facility at this time. If you would like to set up a monthly contribution most internet banking systems provide a recurring payments facility. Please contact your bank if you need assistance with this.

2. Debit Order via SESK

If you are a resident of Everton and a member of SESK (Security Everton and Sections of Kloof) you may add any amount you wish to your monthly SESK debit order to go to the conservancy. These contributions are collected by SESK and sent through to us at the end of each month. We are extremely grateful to the many members that already support us in this way.

Contact to set this up for you or to update your amount if you already use this facility.

3. Zapper Account

If you have a Zapper account you can scan the code below or click on  and specify any amount you wish to donate.

These Zapper signs are also displayed at the entrance of all our trails and parks.

Thank you!

Every contribution is gratefully received. Your assistance helps us continue to preserve our beautiful conservancy for current and future residents and visitors. We look forward to meeting you in our green spaces.