Chairman’s Report – 2017

Welcome to all and thank you for your attendance at this AGM.

The suburb of Everton is very fortunate in that we have space, natural areas , streams and forests which we share with the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve, which means our wild areas  benefit from their protection too. In this time of urban densification, open natural areas are becoming more scare and it is our duty to do our best to preserve  and enhance what we have. We are very fortunate  to be able to have this asset only a few minutes  from our homes. We urge all residents to preserve and care for what we have, and develop a concern for our environment.

Over the past year we have continued with our program of IAP eradication.  We have had the  help ofthe Municipality ,Working for Fire, and we thank Richard Boon and his team for their contribution in this regard. We have developed circular trails along the Molweni River to the Everton Waterfall and down river to the Ezemvelo border and we trust that these trails will become more popular. We do have more work to do on our downstream trail in that it is, at present, too rugged to be used as a trail run. We plan to remedy this over the next two months and hope to hold regular trail runs. The trails, which are about seven kilometres long are ideal for educational walks, family outings and night trail walks

The Everton Conservancy maintains a small team of workers who help develop the trails and eradicate invasive alien plants. We have to pay these workers and supply them with tools and uniforms and this costs money. We thank all those residents of Everton who regularly contribute to the Conservancy, without you, our Conservancy would fail. We also thank SESK for acting as the medium to collect these funds. Thank you Carmen. Raising funds for a Conservancy is a tiresome and often thankless task and we thank all those who attended our annual Everton Garden Party. This social occasion raises funds to keep us in the black and to have a nest egg of funds for unforeseen expenses. The Garden Party also acts as a venue where residents can get to meet each other and we like to feel that the function also creates a sense of community in our area.  We are trying to raise funds by introducing Zapper codes at our trails and parks, it is a delight to find some funds coming in from individuals who have enjoyed our open areas. In regard to your finances, as will be seen from the treasurer`s report, we have had a successful year with a surplus of revenue to expenditure. Our savings are healthy which allows us to made donations to worthy causes and take on projects which require some expenditure.  We will need to spend money to continue to upgrade our trails and parks. Recently, a number of indigenous trees were planted in the Everton Park in Forest View Drive.

Our plans for the forthcoming year are to clean up the Cemetery site to allow the Stangeria to proliferate, manage the Eskotene site and Everton Park. We will continue to upgrade our trails and hold guided walks. We will hold the Everton Garden Party and hope to hold some interesting talks.

In order to run a Conservancy one needs an active and enthusiastic committee. The Everton Conservancy has been very fortunate in, not only having a large committee, but also a passionate committee with members who are socially conscious and prepared to take on tasks allocated to them. It is a privilege and fun to work with them. I thank all the Committee for their work over the year. We structured the Committee into various teams who were responsible for certain tasks and functions. These were, Marketing and Events, Education, Trails and Parks, Developments and Traffic, Finance , Liaison and Communication. Members of the Committee have played a role in a number of issues such as Highway Air, planned developments in Horseshoe Road and End Road, meetings and liaisons with Kloof Conservancy, meetings with  Ethekwini Conservancies and KZN Conservancies Association. Our website is active and I thank all those who contribute to and manage this site.

Thank you, the residents of Everton, for your support and care for your suburb.

Anthony Kee