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Established in 1991, Everton Conservancy is the oldest urban conservancy in South Africa. Located west of Durban within the Ethekwini Municipality and upstream of the important Krantzkloof Nature Reserve, it is an area of outstanding natural beauty renowned for the richness of its biodiversity. There are, for instance, ten times more tree species in Everton than in all of Europe. Riparian and scarp forests, grasslands and wetlands provide a diversity of habitats which support viable populations of bushbuck, blue and grey duiker, bush pig, genet, vervet monkey, several mongoose species, tree and rock dassie, porcupine and bushbaby. Serval and caracal have been spotted too on rare occasions. Birdlife is prolific with more than a 100 species recorded, including Narina Trogon, Kynsna and Purple-crested Turacos and the mighty African Crowned Eagle which is now an endangered species.

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